These are my Lantern Hill avatars. These are only meant to be used as avatars. Please do not take these and put them on your own site.

The reason that some of the pictures are flipped is because most avatars are on the left side of the moniter. Because of this, the people/person in the avatar should be looking in and not out.

If possible, please upload the avatar/s that you want to use to your own account. If you don't, the avatar won't always work because it will suck my daily bandwidth.

I also have animated avatars and those can be found on here.

Avatars are small pictures that are used on forums, instant messengers, and other things.

Alphabetical by Last Name



The Hearse






Gertrude Kennedy


Phyllis Kennedy



Victoria Kennedy



Owen Meade



Jimmy-John Meade



Evelyn Morrow


Lillian Morrow


Jim the Post


Agnus Ripley



Andrew Stuart



Andrew and Robin Stuart



Irene Stuart



Jane Stuart



Jane and Andrew Stuart



Jane, Andrew, and Robin Stuart


Jane Stuart and Jody Turner


Jane and Robin Stuart



Robin Stuart



Josephine Turner



Justina and Violet Titus



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updated 11/16/09