1. At the school when Jane receives Mrs. Stanely's notes on the French revolution, Jane's hair is braided into one braid. As the view changes and Jane walks towards the group of teasing girls, Jane now has two braids. Pictures:

  2. On the way to PEI, Mrs. Stanley and Jane switch trains, but the number on the engine is still 1009.

  3. When Andrew points out Lantern Hill to Jane, the view shows Lantern Hill as being blue. When Andrew and Jane draw near the house, the house is yellow. Note: The view is from Anne of Green Gables

  4. When Jimmy John and Jane are running through the field to Hepzibah's, the direction they are running would take them to Lantern Hill, not Hepzibah's.

  5. When Jane and Jody enter the Morrow house to look in Evelyn's room, it is light out, but when they come through the French doors, it is very dark out.

  6. When Jane and Lillian are picking pumpkins, the dirt is brown, it should be red. Note: The reason it is brown instead of red is because it is not filmed on PEI.

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updated 11/16/09