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For those who have seen the tv series "Road to Avonlea" you have have recognized Lantern Hill. King Farm and Lantern Hill are the same buildings, only painted different colors. Also, the long shots of Green Gables (from Sullivan's Anne of Green Gable trilogy) are really of King Farm/Lantern Hill. Click on the links to see a picture of Lantern Hill and King Farm.

The field that Jane and Andrew walk through is the same that Anne and Gilbert walk through in the closing scenes of Anne of Green Gables and AoGG: The Continuing Story.

The ladder that Andrew and Jane climb up to enter the house is still attachted when Road to Avonlea was filmed. You can see the ladder in long shots of King Farm. Click on the link to see a screen capture of King Farm.

When Jane is walking through the snow storm a snow covered field with snow falling is shown. This scene is from Anne of Green Gables, except the snow falling is an added effect.

Mairon Bennett (Jane), Zachary Bennett (Jimmy John), and Gareth Bennett (Owen) are brothers and sister.

If you recognized the scene where Hepzibah dies, it is because in “Old Friends, Old Wounds” (from Road to Avonlea), Kevin Sullivan wanted to create an episode in memory of Colleen Dewhurst so he took scenes from other productions of his that Colleen had acted in and made an episode out of it.

Zoe Caldwell (Victoria Kennedy) is a guest star (Mrs. Lloyd) in the Road to Avonlea episode entitled “Song in the Night” (aka Old Lady Lloyd).

Mairon Bennett (Jane) does the voice of young Hetty in Road to Avonlea's episode entitled “Momento Mori”. She also is a guest star in “A Time to Every Purpose”.

Several other actors who played in Lantern Hill were also in Road to Avonlea (RtA) such as Zachary Bennett (LH: Jimmy John RTA: Felix King), and James O'Reagan (LH: Policeman RTA: Avonlea's Constable [he's also Anothony's father in Anne of Green Gables). Vivian Reis (Aunt Irene RtA: Sara Spencer).

Many of the actors in Lantern Hill are also in other Sullivan productions. To find out, visit .

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