The following are some of my favorite webpages.

Jane Websites

Who's Who in Lantern Hill: This site has information on the people in the book. If you can't remember someone's name or you are having trouble keeping people straight, this is the page to check out.

A Field of Wisteria, Lantern Hill: This site is in Japanese.

LMM Resource Page: This site has two pages on Jane of Lantern Hill for direct links click here and here. There is also a recipe page that has many of the recipes that are mention in the book.

Sites About Actors

Zachary Bennett

Forever Zach: This is an excellent site with information on Zach. It gets updated very often. It has pictures and tons of information on Zach.

Colleen Dewhurst

Colleen Dewhurst: This site was created in memory of Colleen. It has wonderful information.

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley: This site has tons of information on things that Sarah is up to. It also has pictures of movies that Sarah has been in.



LMM Institute: This is the "on-line" home of Lucy Maud Montgomery. There is a lot of wonderful information.

Sullivan Boutique: This is the best place to find official products and be guaranteed that you'll receive the items. The prices are mite high, but the service and quality is excellent.

Wind at My Back: This is the official Wind at My Back site. It has wonderful information about the show.

Sullivan Movies: This site has wonderful clips from Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. It also currently has a exclusive interview with Jackie Burroughs and Mag Ruffman.

Beyond Green Gables: This is Sullivan Entertainment's on-line magazine. It has the winners of the poetry contests, reviews on movies, and more!

Emily of New Moon: This is a wonderful Emily site. This site has tons of information about the TV series, screens caps, and current information about the actors.

Weaver of Dreams: A lovely site about the Emily of New Moon trilogy. It has reviews of the books, quotes from the books and a short biography about Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Pat of Silverbush : This site has a nice list of people and places, as well as an excellent time line.

Valancy and Her Blue Castle: A site dedicated to The Blue Castle. It's a very nice page. :)

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updated 11/16/09